Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Week's Fund-Raiser for Tresa Chamberlain

I'm baking gourmet cupcakes as a fund-raiser for my wonderful friend Tresa Chamberlain and her fight against ovarian cancer.
This Week's Menu:
Lemonade: Lemon cake with fresh lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream swirl with a cherry on top
Boston Cream: Vanilla cake, vanilla custard filling with a chocolate ganache rosette on top
Salted Caramel: Vanilla bean cake, soft caramel filling, vanilla caramel buttercream swirl with a salted caramel drizzle on top
Smore: Graham cracker crust and chocolate cake, vanilla and chocolate fluff filling with a toasted marshmallow top and a chocolate wedge
Each cupcake comes in it's own cup with a lid.
$20.00 a dozen or $2.00 each
Please pre-order by commenting, e-mail ( or by personal message.
Pick-up will be August 11, 12, 13
100% of the money collected (and any previously collected) will be donated to Tresa.
I have had a couple of sales fall through and have 2 dozen assorted cupcakes for sale today. Same price: $20.00 a dozen or $2.00 each. They're fresh, they're yummy, and they are good lookin'!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fantasy Flowers in Peach and Blueberry

     Once upon a time, long ago, two little girls lived next door to each other. They were more than neighbors, the two girls were best friends and cousins and everything that goes with growing up together. My cousin Chris and I were always welcome in each other's homes and came and went without even knocking on the door. Her mother taught us to play piano and read music, and we played duets in recitals together. We played dolls, made tents, climbed trees, imagined we were pioneers, had cap guns and sparklers in July, walked to and from school in the winter, spring, and fall, and together dreamed of our bright futures.

We married and had children of our own and when her oldest son found his lovely bride, they asked me to make their wedding cake! Their colors were bright blue and peach with lace accents so I got to make this wonderful three-tiered fantasy flower cake with buttercream icing. They requested a luscious blueberry peach filling, an intriguing combination I had never tasted before, but it was decadent!  All of the embellishments on the cake are made of sugar: the flowers, the lace, the pearls. Wishing this newly married a couple a bright future of their own, with sugar, sparklers, fun, and LOVE!



      A couple of weeks ago I got to make this cute elephant for a baby shower. It was fun to make, and challenging because we were without any electricity the day before, and also because the client didn't want any fondant, just buttercream icing. It is difficult to get buttercream smooth on curved surfaces without chilling it between icing layers, so since there was no electricity, there was no chilling-no kidding! Anyway, it turned out well, and had chocolate ears, tusks and dots. I learned lots from the experience. Happy Baby Girl Shower! (Thanks Jessica Newman for the darling pic) I LOVE making cake!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Curious George Birthday Party

    Yummy buttercream birthday cake with strawberry buttercream filling complete with yellow hat Weecakies!  What a Happy George Birthday Party we had!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Trying New Things" Day

Today I tried new things.
1. I tried a new recipe for Swiss Buttercream Icing.  SUCCESS!  I LOVE IT!  Great mouth-feel and balanced sweetness!
2. I thought the colors through and actually practiced some color theory principles that I learned over 40 years ago.  SUCCESS!
3. I finally, after much research, used the correct piping tip for making rosettes.  SUCCESS!  YAY!  I could go into great detail about how important it is to use the correct tip, but suffice it to say that everywhere that I have worked I have been told:  "Oh just use this one.....It will be okay.  No one can tell the difference."  Well, I can tell the difference.  This one is the right one (Wilton #1M), and I finally have it!  (I know some of you are saying: well duh, but sometimes I am a bit dense.)
     The color-theory part:  Well, the basic principle is that when you want your painting to have a cohesive color relationship, you have to mix a bit of the base color into all of the other colors.  I have always known that, but today I concentrated on that theory and really applied it.  This photograph has not been enhanced or filtered in any way, and, (imagine that) the colors do relate to each other. That is because I mixed a bit of the brown base into each color, even the green.   Oh, and green....NEVER EVER use green right out of the bottle or jar.  Have you ever wondered why your green leaves just don't look right-they are toooooo green?  So my tip of the day is:  Always mix a bit of brown or red into your green.  Just a touch, not too much and they won't be overpowering to the rest of your colors.
     So it was a good day...Three roaring successes. YAY! YAY! YAY!  Have a happy cake decorating day!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Snowballs in Spring

In the neighborhood that I grew up in there was a Snowball bush that bloomed every spring.  My friends and I loved to pick those snowballs throw them at each other, bury our faces in the blooms and shower everything with the tiny flowers.  Unfortunately, the blossoming bush didn't belong to any of our families, but Grace, to whom the flowers belonged, was very generous and  would tell us that we could pick as many as we wanted, just as long as we left enough for her to take to the cemetery on Memorial Day.  We loved those flowers, and they had that wonderful clean spring smell.  Years later, I saw a Snowball Hydrangea plant at my local garden center and remembered Grace's snowballs.  So I purchased it and planted it in my own yard.  It has been twenty-some-odd years since then and today it is magnificent.  My grandchildren love to have snowball fights, showering everyone and everything with the tiny white blooms, and I love giving the blossoms to my neighbors. This spring I am celebrating my snowball bush by making Weecakie Snowballs.  The tiny flowers are all white chocolate-based and the hydrangea leaves are green chocolate.  Each flower is hand-dusted with color and placed on the dipped cake truffle.  As a matter of fact, each Snowball Weecakie has over fifty tiny blossoms on it. They are a true labor of love.
Happy Snowball-Flower-Showers!