Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fantasy Flowers in Peach and Blueberry

     Once upon a time, long ago, two little girls lived next door to each other. They were more than neighbors, the two girls were best friends and cousins and everything that goes with growing up together. My cousin Chris and I were always welcome in each other's homes and came and went without even knocking on the door. Her mother taught us to play piano and read music, and we played duets in recitals together. We played dolls, made tents, climbed trees, imagined we were pioneers, had cap guns and sparklers in July, walked to and from school in the winter, spring, and fall, and together dreamed of our bright futures.

We married and had children of our own and when her oldest son found his lovely bride, they asked me to make their wedding cake! Their colors were bright blue and peach with lace accents so I got to make this wonderful three-tiered fantasy flower cake with buttercream icing. They requested a luscious blueberry peach filling, an intriguing combination I had never tasted before, but it was decadent!  All of the embellishments on the cake are made of sugar: the flowers, the lace, the pearls. Wishing this newly married a couple a bright future of their own, with sugar, sparklers, fun, and LOVE!


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