Monday, March 28, 2011

Dalmatian Weecakies

Have you ever seen a dalmatian? I must admit that I have only seen 2 real dalmatians in my lifetime. When my daughter's friend requested Dalmatian Weecakies, I had to Google images of dalmatians to figure out what they really look like. Do they have clipped ears or floppy ears? Are the ears white, black or spotted? And then what about those spots? Are the spots like dots, or are they all different? Well, these Dalmatian Weecakies are my interpretation of what I learned. Inside they are wonderfully decadent fudge cake truffle with an M&M added for the muzzle of the dog. Then they are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with black colored chocolate accents-nose, spots and ears. Finally there is a colored Gummy Lifesaver added on the bottom of the head for a doggie collar. Fun Fun, and yummy too. WOOF! Happy Dalmatian Weecakies to you!


Tangled Tower

I thought that you might like to see what I do at my regular job.  I am lucky to work for the sweetest lady (literally and figuratively :)  Carrie Biggers of  This past weekend we made a Tangled Tower cake for a very lucky little girl's birthday celebration.  I got my inspiration from this post:  This was a blast to make.  I started off with a center base for the tower made out of krispie treats and icecream cones.  Then I covered everything with gumpaste.  The fun parts were making the details-windows, casements, roof shingles and flowers.  The cake was a raspberry swirl pound cake covered with fondant fresh on that day.  My picture didn't turn out very well as the colors were not quite as bright as these appear.  The green was a bit more grassy green and the roof tiles were a bit more purple.  It was great fun though, and I got to exercise my creativity.  Hope the birthday party was a "Tangled Success!" 

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Monday, March 7, 2011


My wonderful daugher has been at the MTC in Provo, Utah for the past 6 weeks learning Portuguese prior to her departure to the Santa Maria, Brazil Mission.  She is full of vim and vigor; she loves the atmosphere there.  She loves the learning and challenges that go along with acquiring a new language.  She loves the Spirit of Teaching, and most of  all the Spirit of Missionaries.  I am glad that she loves her life at this time.  To celebrate Brazil I made these Brazilian Flag Weecakies for her to share with her fellow Portuguese learning missionaries.  They are deep dark chocolate cake dipped in green colored chocolate and topped with a yellow rhombus and blue earth.  On the real flag of Brazil the words that are on the white banner are "Ordem e Progresso" (which means "Order and Progress") and little white stars that reflect the night sky over Rio de Janeiro.  The constellations are different in the southern hemisphere than they are here.  I know that she will be a great missionary.  Get ready Brazil....Here she comes!