Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Holly Formal Weecakies

For a more formal version of Christmas Holly Weecakies, these Christmas Holly Formal Weecakies are just the thing.  Wonderful rich cake truffle inside, dipped in colored chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and topped with chocolate holly sprigs and berries.  They are luscious, and you don't get sprinkles all over the place when you eat them.  If you need something special for a party, or a wonderful surprise for Santa, combine Christmas Holly Formal Weecakies with an assortment of the earlier Christmas Weecakies for a fun and delicious bouquet.  Make your spirits bright with Weecakies! 

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Poinsettia Weecakies

Another in my series of Christmas Cake Pops is my Christmas Poinsettia Weecakie.  It is so cheery and bright, and festive to boot!  Each cake is dipped in white chocolate, rolled in red and white sprinkles and topped with a colored chocolate poinsettia.  The cake inside can be any of my flavors-wouldn't red velvet be a wonderful presentation?   Yummmm.  Your Christmas Gatherings  will be so festive with an assortment of my Christmas Weecakies.  Happy Christmas to all!
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Smiling Snowman Christmas Weecakies

Happy Winter!  Merry Christmas!  Do you like snow?  I do, especially if I don't have to drive in it.  I remember making igloos, ice-skating rinks, snow angels and all kinds of wonderful snowmen when I was a child.  One day, after a particularly heavy snowfall,all the kids in the neighborhood got together and we made a HUGE snowman.  He had to be at least 15 feet tall.  We lived where the backyards were all connected, thus there was loads of snow.  The base of the snowman had a tunnel through the middle, so he had giant bow-legs.  I remember struggling to get the torso of the snowman and the head on because the snowballs were so huge.  Somehow we did it thanks to some very strong brothers and friends.   It was a work of....well, lots of work.  I remember everyone cheering when we finally placed the carrot nose on it's face.  Ahhh, happy memories.  My Smiling Snowmen Christmas Weecakies remind me of the snowmen from my past.  The cake is deep chocolate, dipped in white chocolate and topped with a dark chocolate hat trimmed with a green chocolate holly sprig.  Each face is different and distinct because every one is made and decorated by hand.  They will melt in your mouth, and will truly melt your heart.  Hopefully, you will remember the snowmen from your past while you enjoy these Smiling Snowman Christmas Weecakies.  Happy Snow!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Holly Weecakies: The first of my Christmas Cake Pops

The Christmas season is finally upon us.
I love Christmas.  Most people are looking forward to parties, giving gifts, singing songs, sitting around a warm  cozy fire and enjoying special Christmas treats.  I have been patiently waiting for this jolly season so that I could make these happy Christmas Holly Weecakies.  Holly is an evergreen tree with wonderful glossy red berries.  Even though holly isn't supposed to grow here, I have a holly bush in my yard.  My sister gave me a small plant many years ago.  Today, it is about 10 feet tall, always green, and, this year, it even has berries!   It always makes me smile because it reminds me of my sister.  I just had to share my happy holly with you.  These Christmas Holly Weecakies are a delicious chocolate cake truffle, dipped in white chocolate, rolled in red, white and green sprinkles and topped with colored chocolate holly leaves and berries.  They are smooth and will melt in your mouth.  I promise you will love them too.  Make happy Christmas memories with Christmas Holly Weecakies.

There are more Christmas Weecakies to come so keep checking my blogspot over the next few days.  Did I tell you that I LOVE Christmas?   

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