Friday, December 4, 2009

Smiling Snowman Christmas Weecakies

Happy Winter!  Merry Christmas!  Do you like snow?  I do, especially if I don't have to drive in it.  I remember making igloos, ice-skating rinks, snow angels and all kinds of wonderful snowmen when I was a child.  One day, after a particularly heavy snowfall,all the kids in the neighborhood got together and we made a HUGE snowman.  He had to be at least 15 feet tall.  We lived where the backyards were all connected, thus there was loads of snow.  The base of the snowman had a tunnel through the middle, so he had giant bow-legs.  I remember struggling to get the torso of the snowman and the head on because the snowballs were so huge.  Somehow we did it thanks to some very strong brothers and friends.   It was a work of....well, lots of work.  I remember everyone cheering when we finally placed the carrot nose on it's face.  Ahhh, happy memories.  My Smiling Snowmen Christmas Weecakies remind me of the snowmen from my past.  The cake is deep chocolate, dipped in white chocolate and topped with a dark chocolate hat trimmed with a green chocolate holly sprig.  Each face is different and distinct because every one is made and decorated by hand.  They will melt in your mouth, and will truly melt your heart.  Hopefully, you will remember the snowmen from your past while you enjoy these Smiling Snowman Christmas Weecakies.  Happy Snow!


  1. Mmmmm! These weecakies look delicious!

  2. These are my favorite ones yet. Delightful!