Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Snow

It is winter here.  It has been snowing and raining with rising mists and fog, and it's Christmas.  I was remembering Christmases from my past.  There were green ones,  white ones, and some foggy and dismal ones.  Actually, I was remembering going with my family in search of the perfect Christmas tree when I was a youngster.  It was always very cold, but we were warm in the car because we were packed in like sardines.  We sang Christmas Carols, and on one special night we listened to a radio broadcast of an audio segment from the movie "The Wonderful World of the Brother's Grimm."  It was the story of the shoemaker and the elves and the Christmas gifts that they gave.  It was a magical night.  But in remembering that night, I also remember that while we were out among the Christmas trees in the tree-lots, it was snowing, and my brother and I caught snowflakes on our tongues. It was one of those times that the flakes were huge and just floated slowly down to earth. They were cool, and immediatly melted in our mouths.  That happy memory inspired me and Christmas Snow Weecakies were born.  Each Weecakie is a chocolate cake truffle, dipped in cool mint milk chocolate and dipped a second time in dark chocolate that drizzles down the sides. They are topped off with a chocolate snowflake-all guaranteed to melt cooly in your mouth just like those snowflakes did in mine long ago. They also pair perfectly with my Christmas Holly Weecakie from last year.  Have a Happy Christmas making happy memories.  
Merry Merry!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Frankie Weecakies

Happy Halloween everybody! Was Frankenstein a scary figure from your childhood?  My husband pointed out to me that Dr. Frankenstein actually helped the monster get a does that mean that I am some kind of doctor?  Anyway, I couldn't make a scary monster.  Say hello to Frank, my newest Halloween creation. I was inspired by this post from last year:  I thought that Frankie Weecakies would be fun to try.  Frank is made with devils food cake, dipped in mint chocolate and decorated with chocolate piping.  They make me smile.  Frank is happy that he has been created for your Halloween celebrations.  Happy Haunting :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

O Canada

Are you familar with the national anthem of Canada? It is a majestic and patriotic song aptly named "O Canada." (go here to read the words: One of my daughter's bestest friends, Sara, is at the MTC in Provo, Utah preparing for her mission to Canada. My children have all been blessed with great friends who are positive influences in their lives. Sara has been one of the greatest examples of kindness and caring.  She is a spiritual giant and a compassionate leader. We thought that she would enjoy some O Canada Weecakies, so we made them especially for her. They are made with decadent double chocolate cake and dipped in white chocolate. The ends are then dipped in red colored chocolate and then topped with a chocolate red maple leaf.  We are so proud of you Sara.  Thank you for your wonderful friendship and spirit.  Go forward a bring the world His truth.  We love you.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Hat Weecakies

Happy Mother's Day to all! Just over a year ago while I was perusing the internet, I came upon this idea at I thought that I would use the main idea of the hats for an Easter Bonnet this year. Then, much to my chagrin, Bakerella posted an Easter-Bonnet Cookie in April of this year. ( Oh drats! My idea was trumped by Bakerella! So I changed my thoughts to center around Mothers. My own Mother loved hats. I have some neat pill-box type hats that were hers, and a wonderful, special straw bonnet that was made by my Great-Aunt Louise. She was a milliner for a small local store many many years ago when hats were "in style." I like hats. I have made these hats of yummy chocolate, not cookies or fondant, and placed them on top of an almond cake truffle dipped in colored chocolate decorated with a happy smiling face.  Every one is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.  How cute would a Mother's Day Hat Weecakie be combined with a bouquet of Flower Weecakies-(see "Flowers" in previous postings)?  What Mother wouldn't be charmed with such sweetness?   Treat your wonderful Mother to some Mother's Day Hat Weecakies this year.  She will love them -and you too!
Happy Mother's Day to all :)

                   Group Hug.......

        We are Happy Mothers 
                with hats!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Celebrating Music Weecakies

Music saved my life.  Really.  Literally.  Because of my personal involvement with music and singing and sharing my talents, my life was saved from a very unhappy existance.  My music involvement came at a very early age.  My Mom loved to sing, and we were constantly singing;  in the car, at the piano,  at church,  everywhere we went.  We always sang the alphabet-nursery-rhyme song, and my mother always sang a special song titled "The Alice Blue Gown."  I grew up listening to the classics, Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and also the greats-Benny Goodman, Glen Miller and others.  I know all the lyrics to the popular Broadway plays of my childhood-The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Peter Pan.  My parents loved music.  I love music.  My Mother made sure that I could understand all those little markings on that strange lined paper by arranging with my Aunt Cec (who was also our next-door neighbor) to teach me how to play the piano.  Although I wasn't the best student (I hated practicing) she was successful in teaching me to read music, appreciate good melodies, and hear beautiful harmonies.  I am indebted to Aunt Cec because she patiently taught me the fundamentals.  As a teenager, I could have gotten into a lot of trouble, but instead, I chose to sing.  Every opportunity that I had to sing, whether it was with a school group, or at church, or with friends, I sang.  So, when my friend Laura asked me to make Weecakies to celebrate her daughter Sara's Senior Concert, in preparation for graduation from the University of Utah with a Music Performance Major, I jumped at the chance.  I was able to do this because I was taught how to make a treble-clef as a child by my wonderful Aunt Cec. celebration of music, I have designed Music Weecakies.  They are simply deep, rich chocolate cake truffles dipped with white chocolate with a piped treble-clef on the top.  The red-rose-topped ones are choclate cake truffle, dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate, topped with a hand-rolled red rose.  Happy Senior Concert Sara, and a big THANK YOU to my parents and my Aunt Cec for making music an important part of my life.  Happy Music Weecakies!!!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Weecakies

It is Easter all ready! It's sooooo early this year and I haven't been very organized lately. We've been very busy at work. Although I drew up this idea last year after seeing some great ideas at bakerella .com, I just couldn't get my act together this year. There are lots of methods to use for the bunny ears. This bunny has modified pastel candy-corn ears. Other foodies use everything from cut marshmallows dipped with pink sanding sugar to cardstock (not a food item at all. C' remember putting paper ears into a store-bought coconut covered chocolate snowball cake when you were a kid?) I settled on the candy-corn. Then the nose. Well, did you know that mini M&Ms don't come in pastel colors even though they are packaged in pastel colored packages this time of year? It seems that my Weecakie Bunny was having a hard time being born. The first ones that I did looked like little white piggies. I tried buck-teeth, I tried other features. Then, quite accidently, I settled upon this. The Bunnies are chocolate cake, dipped in white chocolate, topped with pastel candy-corn ears and a molded pink chocolate nose. Eyes and whiskers are piped on. It's my version of a chocolate Easter Bunny. Combined with last year's Easter Lemon Chick, the Easter Bunny Weecakie will be a great addition to our Easter treats. Hope everyone has a very Hoppy Easter!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Green Weecakies

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I have let this day of green almost slip by this year without any notice. When I was a child, my Mother made a big deal out of St. Patrick's Day. She always made sure that we had something green on so we would be protected from a pinch. (If you didn't wear green on St. Patrick's Day, anyone could pinch you. Was this just peculiar to my family, or did/does everyone else do this? I wonder.......hmmm) My brother always tried to wear just a green thread, draped, somewhere, because, if someone pinched you when you were really wearing green, you could pinch them back 10 times. He really liked that. I remember one year my Mom made green tapioca pudding for dessert. That was a real treat. So...Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Green Weecakies. Yes, the cake inside is green. Green Velvet to be exact. (Thanks for the idea) They are shaped into cupcakes, dipped into milk chocolate for the cupcake cup, then into white chocolate for the top. The shamrocks are cut from green chocolate and carefully placed atop the cake. Did you notice that the shamrock leaves are hearts? Do you love St. Patrick's Day? I "4-heart" do. Have a happy one!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies

It's February! It's time for all you sweethearts to actually BE  A SWEETHEART! My Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies will help you convince your beloved that you can be thoughtful and caring and loving and appreciative and (have I used enough adjectives yet?) all that mushy stuff. Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies are made with my very best, darkest, deepest chocolate cake, dipped in milk chocolate, topped with dark chocolate and decorated with a tiny rolled chocolate rose with leaves, then bordered with milk chocolate swirls. (Whew! What a long description!) These Valentines are wonderfully delicious. Combine them with my Bride and Groom Weecakies and my Summer Strawberry Weecakies (both earlier posts under the Weddings and Fruits labels) for a fantastic, unforgettable Valentine Bouquet.  Your Beloved will KNOW that you are A REAL SWEETHEART!  Good Luck all you Sweethearts.  Happy Valentine's Day :)  
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Pinecone Weecakies

Happy New Year!  I'm a couple of weeks late, but Happy New Year anyway!   Do you like WINTER?  Most people would resoundingly say NO!  Actually I love winter.  I don't like driving in the snow or walking on the ice, but I love winter.  The snow crystals sparkle in the sun and moonshine, the evergreen trees stand bravely in the shivering wind, and I get to make Pinecone Weecakies to share with you.  These Weecakies are my favorite chocolate cake dipped in white chocolate, decorated with chocolate branches and topped with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate pinecone.  See...winter isn't so bad.  There are wonderful Pinecone Weecakies to enjoy.   
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