Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Hat Weecakies

Happy Mother's Day to all! Just over a year ago while I was perusing the internet, I came upon this idea at I thought that I would use the main idea of the hats for an Easter Bonnet this year. Then, much to my chagrin, Bakerella posted an Easter-Bonnet Cookie in April of this year. ( Oh drats! My idea was trumped by Bakerella! So I changed my thoughts to center around Mothers. My own Mother loved hats. I have some neat pill-box type hats that were hers, and a wonderful, special straw bonnet that was made by my Great-Aunt Louise. She was a milliner for a small local store many many years ago when hats were "in style." I like hats. I have made these hats of yummy chocolate, not cookies or fondant, and placed them on top of an almond cake truffle dipped in colored chocolate decorated with a happy smiling face.  Every one is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.  How cute would a Mother's Day Hat Weecakie be combined with a bouquet of Flower Weecakies-(see "Flowers" in previous postings)?  What Mother wouldn't be charmed with such sweetness?   Treat your wonderful Mother to some Mother's Day Hat Weecakies this year.  She will love them -and you too!
Happy Mother's Day to all :)

                   Group Hug.......

        We are Happy Mothers 
                with hats!
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