Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Weecakies

It is Easter all ready! It's sooooo early this year and I haven't been very organized lately. We've been very busy at work. Although I drew up this idea last year after seeing some great ideas at bakerella .com, I just couldn't get my act together this year. There are lots of methods to use for the bunny ears. This bunny has modified pastel candy-corn ears. Other foodies use everything from cut marshmallows dipped with pink sanding sugar to cardstock (not a food item at all. C' remember putting paper ears into a store-bought coconut covered chocolate snowball cake when you were a kid?) I settled on the candy-corn. Then the nose. Well, did you know that mini M&Ms don't come in pastel colors even though they are packaged in pastel colored packages this time of year? It seems that my Weecakie Bunny was having a hard time being born. The first ones that I did looked like little white piggies. I tried buck-teeth, I tried other features. Then, quite accidently, I settled upon this. The Bunnies are chocolate cake, dipped in white chocolate, topped with pastel candy-corn ears and a molded pink chocolate nose. Eyes and whiskers are piped on. It's my version of a chocolate Easter Bunny. Combined with last year's Easter Lemon Chick, the Easter Bunny Weecakie will be a great addition to our Easter treats. Hope everyone has a very Hoppy Easter!
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