Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy BYU Graduation 2016

     Don't I have a beautiful niece?  This is Melissa Smith and she just graduated from BYU this week.  My brother, her Dad, asked me to make a celebration cake for her, so I was inspired by this design from:   http://sugarlovecakedesign.blogspot.com2014/07/byu-graduation-cake.html  I changed the font for "Congrats Melissa" and I programmed my Zing digital cutter to cut the logos and lettering.  I wanted to make the tassel out of something that would hold up and not get brittle and break off like fondant does, and look like an actual tassel.  Then I remembered that I pinned a recipe for "gummy chocolate" a while back.  Well, I tried it, and guess what?  It was perfect!  The tassel actually looked real.....and it is chocolate!  And.....(waaaait for it).....the formula worked for another on-going project!  I'm sooooo excited that I learned something new.  See, you're never too old to upgrade your techniques.  Happy graduation Melissa!  And to the rest of us: Try something new!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Weecakie Flowers

My Sister and I were born in April.  Often we celebrated our birthdays together, even though hers is 5 days before mine.  When we became adults, and started owning homes and planting gardens, we came up with the perfect saying/planting plan for our fickle mountain climate.  It goes something like this:  It ALWAYS snows on or around our birthday time:  April 10-15, so no planting tender stuff before then.  This year we had snow on the 15th.  Actually, I don't plant the tender stuff until after Mother's Day.  Anyway, that doesn't keep me from making flowers in April, as I did today.  I adapted a design from an earlier square cakie, but put it on round ones.  Then, I played around with roses and white forget-me-nots and leaves.  I think they are kinda cute, and perfect for spring, snow or not!  Happy Spring!  I Love Making Weecakies!