Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies

It's February! It's time for all you sweethearts to actually BE  A SWEETHEART! My Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies will help you convince your beloved that you can be thoughtful and caring and loving and appreciative and (have I used enough adjectives yet?) all that mushy stuff. Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies are made with my very best, darkest, deepest chocolate cake, dipped in milk chocolate, topped with dark chocolate and decorated with a tiny rolled chocolate rose with leaves, then bordered with milk chocolate swirls. (Whew! What a long description!) These Valentines are wonderfully delicious. Combine them with my Bride and Groom Weecakies and my Summer Strawberry Weecakies (both earlier posts under the Weddings and Fruits labels) for a fantastic, unforgettable Valentine Bouquet.  Your Beloved will KNOW that you are A REAL SWEETHEART!  Good Luck all you Sweethearts.  Happy Valentine's Day :)  
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  1. These look divine! Next year I would love to order some football themed ones for the Superbowl. Maybe of the gluten free variety? We will have to talk :)

  2. Amy, I would love to make gluteen-free Weecakies for you any time. Just let me know theme and when. You will love 'em!