Monday, March 7, 2011


My wonderful daugher has been at the MTC in Provo, Utah for the past 6 weeks learning Portuguese prior to her departure to the Santa Maria, Brazil Mission.  She is full of vim and vigor; she loves the atmosphere there.  She loves the learning and challenges that go along with acquiring a new language.  She loves the Spirit of Teaching, and most of  all the Spirit of Missionaries.  I am glad that she loves her life at this time.  To celebrate Brazil I made these Brazilian Flag Weecakies for her to share with her fellow Portuguese learning missionaries.  They are deep dark chocolate cake dipped in green colored chocolate and topped with a yellow rhombus and blue earth.  On the real flag of Brazil the words that are on the white banner are "Ordem e Progresso" (which means "Order and Progress") and little white stars that reflect the night sky over Rio de Janeiro.  The constellations are different in the southern hemisphere than they are here.  I know that she will be a great missionary.  Get ready Brazil....Here she comes!

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