Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bride Wore Tennis Shoes

Weddings are wonderful!  The blushing Bride and the grinning Groom standing together, hand in hand, declaring their undying love for each other.  What is better than that?  So now you are asking "What do Tennis Shoes have to do with weddings?"  Well, our good friend Alison is getting married and she has decided to wear Tiffany Blue tennis shoes on her sweet feet.  None of this high-heel-spikey-Cinderella-glass-slipper nonsense for her.  Alison has decided to go for comfort and whimsey at the same time.  How neat is that?  So.............. to celebrate her wedding my daughter and I designed these Tiffany Blue Tenni Runner Weecakies.  They are hand-formed decadent chocolate cake dipped in specially colored Callebaut Chocolate, tipped in white and then topped with hand-piped dark chocolate laces and bows.  There's no rubber here!  Tiffany Blue Tenni Runner Weecakies are real chocolate and are guaranteed to melt in your mouth.  Thanks Alison for letting us make Weecakies for your special day.  ALISON AND JARED ALWAYS AND FOREVER!   We love you guys.

=) Weecakies + Daughter (=


  1. Delightful! It's fun to see the personality behind the design, and these add to the fun!

    Thank you for sharing all of the fun by posting!
    Hope the next couple of weeks are great big full ones!
    And Happy New Year!

    Jen (up in WA)

  2. Those are soooooo cute! They look adorable and delectable.