Monday, March 28, 2011

Dalmatian Weecakies

Have you ever seen a dalmatian? I must admit that I have only seen 2 real dalmatians in my lifetime. When my daughter's friend requested Dalmatian Weecakies, I had to Google images of dalmatians to figure out what they really look like. Do they have clipped ears or floppy ears? Are the ears white, black or spotted? And then what about those spots? Are the spots like dots, or are they all different? Well, these Dalmatian Weecakies are my interpretation of what I learned. Inside they are wonderfully decadent fudge cake truffle with an M&M added for the muzzle of the dog. Then they are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with black colored chocolate accents-nose, spots and ears. Finally there is a colored Gummy Lifesaver added on the bottom of the head for a doggie collar. Fun Fun, and yummy too. WOOF! Happy Dalmatian Weecakies to you!


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