Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Trying New Things" Day

Today I tried new things.
1. I tried a new recipe for Swiss Buttercream Icing.  SUCCESS!  I LOVE IT!  Great mouth-feel and balanced sweetness!
2. I thought the colors through and actually practiced some color theory principles that I learned over 40 years ago.  SUCCESS!
3. I finally, after much research, used the correct piping tip for making rosettes.  SUCCESS!  YAY!  I could go into great detail about how important it is to use the correct tip, but suffice it to say that everywhere that I have worked I have been told:  "Oh just use this one.....It will be okay.  No one can tell the difference."  Well, I can tell the difference.  This one is the right one (Wilton #1M), and I finally have it!  (I know some of you are saying: well duh, but sometimes I am a bit dense.)
     The color-theory part:  Well, the basic principle is that when you want your painting to have a cohesive color relationship, you have to mix a bit of the base color into all of the other colors.  I have always known that, but today I concentrated on that theory and really applied it.  This photograph has not been enhanced or filtered in any way, and, (imagine that) the colors do relate to each other. That is because I mixed a bit of the brown base into each color, even the green.   Oh, and green....NEVER EVER use green right out of the bottle or jar.  Have you ever wondered why your green leaves just don't look right-they are toooooo green?  So my tip of the day is:  Always mix a bit of brown or red into your green.  Just a touch, not too much and they won't be overpowering to the rest of your colors.
     So it was a good day...Three roaring successes. YAY! YAY! YAY!  Have a happy cake decorating day!


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