Thursday, May 12, 2016

Snowballs in Spring

In the neighborhood that I grew up in there was a Snowball bush that bloomed every spring.  My friends and I loved to pick those snowballs throw them at each other, bury our faces in the blooms and shower everything with the tiny flowers.  Unfortunately, the blossoming bush didn't belong to any of our families, but Grace, to whom the flowers belonged, was very generous and  would tell us that we could pick as many as we wanted, just as long as we left enough for her to take to the cemetery on Memorial Day.  We loved those flowers, and they had that wonderful clean spring smell.  Years later, I saw a Snowball Hydrangea plant at my local garden center and remembered Grace's snowballs.  So I purchased it and planted it in my own yard.  It has been twenty-some-odd years since then and today it is magnificent.  My grandchildren love to have snowball fights, showering everyone and everything with the tiny white blooms, and I love giving the blossoms to my neighbors. This spring I am celebrating my snowball bush by making Weecakie Snowballs.  The tiny flowers are all white chocolate-based and the hydrangea leaves are green chocolate.  Each flower is hand-dusted with color and placed on the dipped cake truffle.  As a matter of fact, each Snowball Weecakie has over fifty tiny blossoms on it. They are a true labor of love.
Happy Snowball-Flower-Showers!


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