Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daffydil Weecakies

Don't you love daffodils?  They are yellow and bright and cheery!  They are just the thing to bring everyone out of the winter doldrums.  We are experiencing a bit of spring in March this year, so I thought I would make happy Daffydil Weecakies.  Yes, I know that the spelling is incorrect, but my daffydils are just that---DAFFY!  These flowers would technically be classified as fantasy flowers because they are not correct in their configuration.  But I like them.  They make me happy, and face it, doesn't the name make you smile?  Each Daffydil Weecakie is made with a tangy lemon cake truffle, dipped in white chocolate and topped with a chocolate daffydil flower.  They are as wonderful to look at as they are to eat.  So celebrate SPRING with Daffydil Weecakies.  

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