Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Bees Weecakie CakePops


 Its Spring and the bees are humming in their hives.  They are humming because there are fresh blossoms to be found everywhere.  My fruit trees have exploded into full bloom.  Spring is truly a new beginning...and getting back to the bees, well, they are happy to be humming and buzzing.  I was remembering that when a bee finds a good source of nectar, they return to the hive and do a dance to tell their companions where to find the new cache of food.  How happy is that?  My Happy Weecakie Bees are made with an almond flavored cake truffle (although they could be any flavor of your choice) 
 dipped in yellow chocolate.  Then I add white chocolate molded wings, pipe on the eyes and antenna draw the stripes with an edible marking pen and give them a kiss of blush.  We could all learn something from bees.  As Mary Poppins sings:
     "The honeybees that fetch the nectar
     From the flower to the comb
     Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro
     Because they take a little nip
     From every flower that they sip
     And hence..They find...Their task is 
not a grind"
We too can go about our various jobs with joy, humming with happiness and and dancing when we find success.  Have a Happy Spring!  :)


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  1. They do look happy among those white apple blossoms!