Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Green Weecakies

March came in like a lion, and right now, is acting like a lamb.  Ah, Spring :)    Well, it feels like Spring today.  There are little green leaves pushing their way out of the ground in my gardens, searching for the sunlight.  I am very excited to welcome warmer weather.  March also brings us St. Patrick's Day, or "Greenie Day" as my mother would call it.  She always made a big deal out of the day-we would oft times have green pudding, or green cake or green milk to celebrate St. Pat's Day.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that we all had to wear green in some way or another or suffer getting pinched. This year I decided to make Weecakies with a green swirl to mark the occasion.  These St. Patrick's Day Green Weecakies are yummy almond flavored  light green cake truffles (or any flavor truffle of your choice) dipped in light green chocolate and then decorated with hand-piped darker green chocolate swirls.  They make me smile because I know that green represents life and growth and warmth and light.  Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

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