Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Pink Valentine Weecakies

As a child I was always encouraged to be creative and make my own valentines; I would stay awake at night planning in my head my overly-detailed valentines.  They would have layers of lace and doilies, hand painted pictures, and cut-out hearts.  I practiced writing "I love you"  over and over and over again in unique curly-q writing so that they would be perfect for each recipient.  Yes, I was obsessed with the project.  Well, as I have grown older, you can see that I can still be obsessive.  My idea of the perfect Valentine is one that is made with love and I love making Weecakies.  These Sweet Pink Valentine Weecakies are made with your choice of cake truffle inside, dipped in pink chocolate, topped with white sprinkles or a second dip of white chocolate.  Each one has a small hand-rolled rose on top.  If you combine Sweet Pink Valentine Weecakies with Decadent Chocolate Valentine Weecakies and Bride Weecakies, you will have a tasty bouquet of sweetness for your True Love.  

Have an enchanting Valentines Day and celebrate your love with 
Sweet Pink Valentine Weecakies

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