Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Watermelon Weecakies

Ah, 'tis the heat of the summer and I couldn't resist growing watermelons.....well, making watermelons.  Watermelon is one of my favorite summer-time treats. There is nothing quite as thirst quenching as a serving of cold watermelon.  When my family was young we used to sit in the backyard and have seed spitting contests. We would laugh ourselves silly at the machinations that each of us went through to spit our seeds the farthest.   You have to be very careful that you don't inhale or laugh when you have a mouth-full of watermelon seeds, though. I still laugh at the memories of those happy times together with my children.  These Watermelon Weecakies, however are different.  They are made with a fluffy almond-chocolate chip cake truffle, and double-dipped in two colors of chocolate, then  brushed with colored stripes on the outside so they look just like little watermelons.  They will melt in your mouth, and although they might not quench your thirst, they will satisfy your sweet tooth during these dog days of summer.  Have a happy Watermelon Weecakie Summer!

P.S.  I just saw a post on another website that pictures this type of cakepop-I'm not sure where they originated.  You can see other images if you "Google" watermelon cakepops, or go to:

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