Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pick Yer Pirate Weecakies

Look out all ye mateys!  There are scurvy pirates everywhere!  Today I am spotlighting pirates because my wonderful oldest daughter came over and we made these fun guys for a project of hers.  We laughed and giggled and smiled as we worked because each one has a personality of his own.  Each hand-piped mustache is different.  Some pirates are happy.  Some are pensive.  Some are just silly, but all together they make a great crew.  This week my daughter will lead over 30 Young Women Pirates to our Stake Roughout Camp.  They will pitch and sleep in tents, hike, enjoy a lake, learn camping principles, do service, and generally have a great time.  We enjoyed figuring out these Pirate Weecakies.  They are deep devil's food cake truffles dipped in colored chocolate, dipped a second time to make their scarves and they have hand-piped chocolate faces.  Everything is CHOCOLATE!  Yo ho ho and a whole lot 'o yummmmmm.  I think that my daughter did a great job creating these treats for her campers. She has a good eye.  Enjoy camping ye pirates.  Pack yer duffles, belay those tents, and above all else, shiver me timbers.  Arrrrrrrrgh.

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  1. Ilove them Flo, they all look so stinkin cute!!