Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Dad's Brown-Topper Weecakies

 One of my Dad's favorite type of ice cream cones was what he called a "brown topper."  It was soft-serve ice cream in a cake cone dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts.  We would often get "brown toppers" after going to my older brother's basketball games.  Dad and I loved basketball and we enjoyed going to the very physical "Church Ball" games.  One year my brother's team was very good and they qualified to go to the "All Church Tournament."  We spent many evenings cheering our hearts out that season.  It was great.  I remember not having a voice because I had cheered and yelled myself hoarse.  So.......the perfect solution was to get ice cream brown toppers to soothe our sore throats.  When I saw these pictures of Hi-Hat cupcakes:, I thought that I would try to reproduce my Dad's brown toppers in a Weecakie form.  These Weecakies are made with a deep chocolate cake truffle dipped in chocolate and set in a kid-sized cake cone.  Then they are topped with a creamy marshmallow swirl and dipped a second time in chocolate and rolled in chopped peanuts.  Yummmmmmmm.  When you bite into the top, the chocolate and gooey marshmallow literally melt in your mouth.  The cake truffle adds a bit of brownie-like texture and the crunch of the cone and chopped peanuts top off the treat.  I love my Dad and the happy memories that I have of our times together.  
Happy Father's Day!  Love you Dad!

Your Daughter,
Weecakies :0)

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