Monday, May 16, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Weecakies

I have been remembering my Father and missing him. It has been almost a year since he passed away, and I have been fondly reviewing my memories of his life. My Dad loved to drive our cars, and so we went for many a ride in the evenings. Sometimes we would get in the car and go and try to find "Lost Street." After lots of riding around, and our own sense of direction getting turned backwards and forwards, Dad would then get us "unlost." Other times we would have a particular destination in mind and we would travel up the nearby canyons or along the highways to see how much snow was left, to see how high the reservoirs were, to see the changing colors in the fall, or to see new construction projects. We would often sing and play verbal games as we went along. These times with my Dad and Mom are among my treasured memories. Often we would start out our "ride" with a visit to the ice-cream store where we would each get our favorite flavor of ice cream cone. Daddy loved ice cream, and so when I saw these ice cream cones on a while ago, I was excited to make them for myself.  The cones are coated inside with milk chocolate, topped with a cake truffle, flavor of your choice, dipped in pink colored chocolate and sprinkled with multi-colored sprinkles.  Then it is topped with a semi-sweet chocolate dollop and a peanut butter "M&M" cherry.  I miss my Dad, but I have loads of very happy memories of him and our times together eating ice cream cones.
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