Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Berry and Twig Weecakies

The second of my Thanksgiving offerings are Berry and Twig Weecakies.  When the leaves fall and swirl away, we are left with all sorts of berries and crabapples on our  trees and bushes.  I have little yellow crabapples on one of my trees, and tiny green-brown pears on my flowering pear tree.  Autumn brings about another change.  We can see that nature tries to feed all, making available and more visible these delicacies for birds and other wildlife.  There is beauty in the almost leafless branches, laden with fruits for hungry foragers.  The Autumn Lemon Twig Weecakies are made with lemon cake, dipped in yellow colored white chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and decorated with colored chocolate.  The Autumn Twig Raspberry Weecakies are raspberry swirl cake (from dipped in white chocolate and decorated with colored chocolate.  Yummy fruit Weecakies, and the warmth of the Thanksgiving Season.  Celebrate your days with Thanksgiving Berry and Twig Weecakies.

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