Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just for Fun: Turkey Weecakies

What would Thanksgiving be without Turkey?  When I saw Bakerella's Turkey Cake Pops last year, I knew that I would have to do them. 
This is Bakerella's design with some modifications.  The cake inside is chocolate, dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with candy corn-I couldn't find the "Harvest Color" candy corn, so I used what was available.  The head of the turkey is a ball of chocolate clay, as is the beak.  The turkey's snood (did you know that thing (according to WikiAnswers) is called a snood?  I always thought is was a wattle.  But wait...Yahoo Answers! says that it is a wattle and only appears on male turkeys.  We could have a great debate on whether it is a snood or a wattle or something else.  Well, anyway back to the description.....)
is an upside-down large heart sprinkle and his eyes are dots of dark chocolate.  These are fun and full of personality.   Gobble Gobble Gobble.  Have a Happy Turkey Day!

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