Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coconut Weecakies

I am a nut, literally and figuratively. I love nuts (I get that from my Mom). I guess, technically, coconut is not really a nut, but then, maybe it is. Anyway, when my Daughter-in-Law suggested a coconut weecakie, I thought: "I like coconut." That thought was backed up when, over the Easter weekend, I had a piece of fantastic Italian Cream Cake with coconut.(Thanks Claudia) It gave me an idea...and TA-DA! I made coconut weecakies! The cake is made with coconut milk and butter and eggs and all of those wonderful ingredients that go into a cake. Then it is dipped in white chocolate, rolled in fresh coconut and decorated with a chocolate flower. OOOOO...creamy coconut cake truffle with more coconut on the outside. I am hungry. Hope you are too.
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