Friday, March 27, 2015

Welcome Home Missionaries

     A couple of weeks ago my good friends Carrie and Steve welcomed James, the first of their twin sons, home from his mission. To celebrate his return from the Ohio, Columbus Mission, I made these Shirt, Tie and Badge Weecakies, along with some Ohio Peanut butter Buckeyes.  The little black badges are unique to our missionaries.  They identify missionaries as representatives of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints.  James' mission report was awesome...He was so excited to share his experiences and


  This week, Carrie and Steve welcomed their second son, Christian, home from his mission to Uruguay, South America.   I again made Shirt, Tie and Badge Weecakies, and then added this Uruguayan Flag likeness to the celebration.  The true flag has more stripes and the white field and sun are actually in the upper left corner, but I thought that this was an OK way to recognize the country of Uruguay. (Remember, these are very tiny cakes) What is really funny is that my own husband served his mission over 40 years ago in Uruguay, and he is originally from Ohio....a double connection with the twins.  

       What better way to celebrate than to add mini-strawberries and double-dip chocolate to the mix.  We are excited to hear all about Christian's experiences, and to shake his hand.  Wow!  It doesn't seem like they have been gone for two years but it's GREAT to have them back.  Happy Homecoming Day!  
        Welcome Home Missionaries!


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