Saturday, May 10, 2014



 I Love Daffodils.  Over 30 years ago, a neighbor gave me some bulbs, and I planted them in my gardens.  Every year since then I have enjoyed their lovely happy yellow blooms.  However, this year, my daffodils bloomed, and then the snow came, and they just didn't last.  So......I decided to make my own daffodils.  They are yellow and happy and they will last forever.  I can have Spring any time I want it....
and.....wait for it......these don't make me sneeze!  I love making flowers!

Oh yes...I couldn't resist placing my handmade beauties amongst the lush greenery in my garden for their debut pictures, but yes, they really are hand-made!  Wouldn't they look nice on a coconut cake or in a nice spring-time bouquet?  Do you like daffodils?  I sure do.

Have a Happy Spring!

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