Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oink-oink-ers, Cluck-cluck-ers, and Moo-moo-ers Weecakies

 Ever since I made these Farm Animals I have been thinking of this song that I learned when I was very young.  We sang it often because we had the special yellow cover-book that it was in and my older sister liked playing it on the piano. We also sang it in Primary (which met on Tuesday afternoons after school, by the way) and had a grand time seeing who could make the best animal sounds when we came to the part in the song that describes the animals. These Weecakies are deep, dark chocolate cake truffles, dipped in white or colored chocolate and decorated with various sugar cut-outs. They are wonderful and sure to please any child, no matter what the age!  I had a great childhood, filled with sunshine, music and, most of all, love.  

Have a happy Oink-oink, cluck-cluck and Moo-moo Weecakie Day!

  Grandpa's Farm (or The Apple Tree)

I climbed up the apple tree   To see just what there was to see.

I looked down on Grandpa's farm   All laid out in patchwork charm!

There's a baa-baa sheep and a bow-wow dog, An oink-oink pig and a croak-y frog,

There's a moo-moo cow and a meow-y cat,  A cackly hen and other things like that!

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