Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grand-daughters and Weecakie Teddybears

     My sweet Grand-daughters Emma and Leah came to visit last week.  We had lots of fun making Weecakie Teddybears.  Leah loves chocolate and purple, so she made brown teddys and purple teddys.  You can see that we use M&Ms to make the ears and muzzle of the bears, so Leah was concentrating on getting them placed just right.  Then Dad helped Leah dip her bears in the brown and purple chocolate.
      When the bears are dipped, you have to place the nose (we use mini-M&Ms) on the tip of the muzzle before the chocolate sets up.  Leah chose to use a selection of all the different colors for her noses.

     Emma, on the other hand, wanted lemon Weecakie Teddybears.  We used fruit-flavored skittles for the ears and noses- 'cause we thought that chocolate and lemon together sounded yucky.
    Emma wanted yellow teddys and green teddys, and then she wanted to color-coordinate their noses.  Don't they look neat?  Emma is very proud of her green and yellow bears.

       Ta Da!  Our Teddybears are GREAT!
....and we are all happy and smiling amid our mess of chocolate, M&Ms, Skittles, lemon cake and chocolate cake.  Wowie!

              We love our brown, purple, yellow, and green Weecakie Teddybears, and we love eating them too!  It was great fun having Leah and Emma visit and make bears with me.  Hope you have a Happy Weecakie Day!  

Weecakies :)

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