Friday, January 25, 2013

Weecakie Red and White Valentines

 Did you know that red is the color of passion, and passion is what Valentine's Day is all about.  I am passionate about Valentine's passionate that I couldn't decide which design I should share this year. Some of the valentines have intricate cut lace , swirly hearts and LOVE, others have hand piped swirls.  All are 100 percent guaranteed to tickle your sweetheart!  Each Weecakie Red and White Valentine is a delicious cake truffle in the flavor of your choice, dipped in red chocolate and topped with  lace, swirls, hand-rolled roses and filled especially with LOVE.  I loved making them and hope you enjoy them also.  Have a happy, passionate and lovely Valentine's Day!

     from one of my most treasured possessions, sayings from a small book given to me many, many years ago by my sister-in-law Sandy :)

                                     Love is a Special Way of Feeling
                                                  by Joan Walsh Anglund

     Love is a special way of feeling.  It is the safe way we feel when we sit on our mother's lap with her arms around us.  It is the good way we feel when we talk to someone and they want to listen and don't tell us to go away and be quiet.  It is the happy way we feel when we save a bird that has been hurt, or feed a lost cat,or calm a frightened colt.  Love is found in unexpected places.  It is there in the quiet moment when we first discover a beautiful thing..when we watch a bird soar high against a pale blue sky, when we see a lovely flower that no one else has noticed, when we find a place that shelters us and is all our very own.  Love starts in little ways.  It may begin the day we first share our thoughts with someone else, or help someone who needs us.  Or, sometimes, it begins because, even without words, we understand how someone feels.  Love comes quietly.  But you know when it is there, because, suddenly you are not alone any more and there is no sadness inside you.Love is a happy feeling that stays in your heart for the rest of your life.      

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