Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mistletoe and Holly Berries Weecakies

A business associate of my husband calls me every year to order Christmas Weecakies.  He is a Bishop and has about 90 widows living in his ward.  He visits every single one of them, taking Merry Christmas greetings and a Weecakie to each.  What an awesome man he is, personally caring for all of these widows, especially when this time of year is so busy.  I am honored that he uses Weecakies to help lift spirits and brighten the days.  This year I have added two more designs to my Christmas Labels category.  The Mistletoe Weecakie is made with a peppermint crunch flavor cake truffle-crushed peppermint candies mixed into a buttery vanilla cake, then dipped into milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate mistletoe leaves and berries and a red chocolate bow.  The Holly Berry Weecakie is a chocolate truffle, cupcake-shaped, dipped in milk chocolate for the bottom, and then white chocolate for the top, rolled in coconut and topped with colored chocolate holly leaves and berries.  These were fun to make, but even better, to know that they were destined to help bring peace and joy to others.  Isn't that what the Christmas season is all about?  Let everyone seek to bring light and happiness to all.  God bless us everyone.  Merry Christmas :)


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