Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bountiful Harvest Weecakies

     When I think of Thanksgiving, I remember my Mother.  My Mother always made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  She involved everyone in our family in one way or another.  My sister and I would get to help make and shape the wonderful buttery rolls, roll out the pie crusts and help with the sage dressing.  My brothers would peel potatoes and pull out the big dining room table.  She would get up in the early hours of the morning and put the turkey in the oven where it roasted slowly, all day, filling our house with the mouthwatering smells of the season.  We always had dressing and mashed potatoes with gravy and some green vegetable along with candied sweet potatoes with our lovely roasted turkey.  My Mother always let me make the decorations for the table.  She usually had a cornucopia that I filled with assorted fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes there were apples and oranges.  I remember one year was pretty lean fruit-wise, so I gathered greens from our garden and red berries off our neighbor's fruiting Hawthorne tree to fill the cornucopia.  It was a different type of decor, but it was beautiful.  I think that because my Mother encouraged me to be creative when I was young, I am creative now.  I actually designed Bountiful Harvest Weecakies a year ago, but ran out of time to do them.  Thank goodness I finally put them together for this year.  Inside is a cake truffle, flavor of your choice, dipped in white chocolate and decorated with colored chocolate fruits and an orange chocolate pumpkin.  Make Happy Thanksgiving memories with your family....count your blessings and give thanks to those you love.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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