Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peaches Weecakies

It is Fall here.  Fall brings cooler weather, changing colors, ripening fruit, and, best of all, my youngest daughter's birthday.  My baby just turned 20.  I no longer have a teenager in my home.  The September she was born followed a very hot, dry and uncomfortable summer.  It was wonderful to have such a pretty, pink and healthy baby in my arms.  Then, a day or so later, she started turning yellow.....nothing really serious, just a bout of jauntice that was solved by her sleeping under special UV lights.  Anyway, her color reminded me of peaches, so I started calling her Peaches.  I called her Peaches for a long time.  I don't remember when I stopped, but I do remember that she seemed annoyed by the name sometime before the age of 10.  Sometimes, now,  I slip and call her Peaches.  She looks up with her large, brown Bambi eyes through her long dark eyelashes, and I remember my beautiful peach baby from that September, 20 years ago.  For my fabulous baby daughter, I present Peaches Weecakies:  peach cake made with fresh peaches from my garden, dipped in peach-colored white chocolate.  Some are actually peach-shaped, with the leaves and a small chocolate twig on top.  The others are more formal petit-fours, dipped in colored white chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, topped with a peach colored flower.  Celebrate peaches and the end of summer with sweet Peaches Weecakies.

P.S.  Have a very happy and fulfilling year my dear Peaches.  I love you
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Sunflower Weecakies

Summer is almost gone, but the sunflowers still hang on  They grow anywhere their seeds fall.  They are tough and resilient, yet they are cheery and bright.  I have sunflowers springing up in my yard where I know for a fact they were not planted.  Their faces are so happy-and who wouldn't be when you take in the fact that sunflowers actually follow the sun as the world rotates around it.  Center on the sun, the warmth and the light and you will always be happy.  My Sunflower Weecakies are made using fabulous raspberry swirl cake from Carries Cakes (big news to follow), dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with a sunny flower cut from yellow chocolate.  Oh, the ladybug...(Thanks to Hello Cupcake for the idea-It is a wonderful idea-cookbook) made from a mimi M&M, details drawn with an edible marker and the head a dot of dark chocolate.  Dark green leaves back up each flower.  Ladybugs, Happy Sunflowers and Carries Cakes....mmmmmmm.......yummy!