Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peaches Weecakies

It is Fall here.  Fall brings cooler weather, changing colors, ripening fruit, and, best of all, my youngest daughter's birthday.  My baby just turned 20.  I no longer have a teenager in my home.  The September she was born followed a very hot, dry and uncomfortable summer.  It was wonderful to have such a pretty, pink and healthy baby in my arms.  Then, a day or so later, she started turning yellow.....nothing really serious, just a bout of jauntice that was solved by her sleeping under special UV lights.  Anyway, her color reminded me of peaches, so I started calling her Peaches.  I called her Peaches for a long time.  I don't remember when I stopped, but I do remember that she seemed annoyed by the name sometime before the age of 10.  Sometimes, now,  I slip and call her Peaches.  She looks up with her large, brown Bambi eyes through her long dark eyelashes, and I remember my beautiful peach baby from that September, 20 years ago.  For my fabulous baby daughter, I present Peaches Weecakies:  peach cake made with fresh peaches from my garden, dipped in peach-colored white chocolate.  Some are actually peach-shaped, with the leaves and a small chocolate twig on top.  The others are more formal petit-fours, dipped in colored white chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, topped with a peach colored flower.  Celebrate peaches and the end of summer with sweet Peaches Weecakies.

P.S.  Have a very happy and fulfilling year my dear Peaches.  I love you
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  1. How did you get that beautiful mottled peach color? Those look great and I bet they taste great!